Just look at them, gathering at the nearest junk fest to buy their kids’ toys. Here it’s almost Christmas, and they’re looking at cheap helicopters that’ll last a couple of weeks – maybe – before little Johnny realizes the rig won’t fly anymore. You think I have a bad attitude? You would too if you grew up in traveling tents.

Mama knew how to sell crappy toys and jewelry. I guess it paid for our ratty clothes. Food was usually free. Mama was friendly with the food truck men. She raised me by herself, but she wasn’t a saint. God, this crap fest reminds me of Mama.

She died last Christmas with a five in one hand and a flimsy green airplane in the other.


10 thoughts on “Bitter

  1. Good job! You lead us into the character so smoothly and gradually – I started out thinking she was a sour Scrooge for complaining about people who are out toy shopping, but within a sentence or two I understood why she was so bitter about the whole subject. And then the hint of grief for Mama that the speaker is just barely willing to admit that she feels. Very nicely told story!

  2. Whoa,

    This was a smooth and well realized stream of consciousness from a jaded observer of the human condition. Makes me think that once he breaks the cycle, your hero will fly away from there as soon as he can. Nice job.



  3. Awwww… Sad story. It seems she was an uneducated, single mother trying to do the best for her kid and It was the only work she could find. Shades of the Natalie Wood movie…”Daisy Clover’ Nice work. Welcome to FF’s. Want to read more.

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