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Vacations are Approaching!


Hello, blog friends! It’s about time to hit Hawaii for a month. September will find Dave and I in Maui for the month. Thanks, T, for house sitting, and eat all of the chips/cola/popcorn/and ice cream you like. 😉

I’ve got my earbuds in and am listening to a live webcam of the ocean rolling in on a Maui beach. It is sublime! I cannot wait to get there and LIVE there for 32 days. We found lesser expensive lodging, so we can stay for about the same price as our 5-day trip there last October. Yay for a month of eating tropical fruit, fresh fish, snorkeling, boating, hiking, ATV-ing, zip-lining, and writing on my laptop from quaint Hawaiian coffee shops nearby. Don’t miss my blogs coming up. I’ll blog or vlog on YouTube daily while there AND while traveling there. You’ll go along with us!

I saw two large green turtles from the webcam a bit ago. Made me miss that place so much. Just the sounds of the Pacific waves rolling in and crashing lightly on the shore make me long to sit beside it all. We will take our Go-pro video camera, my Sony video camera, my fancy Canon camera with macro lens, our iPads, and my laptop. Think that’ll be enough to capture some of Hawaii for you guys? Leave me specifics of what you’d like to see, and I’ll try to accommodate. Example, coffee plantation. 🙂

First things first, though. We’re headed to Vegas July 9-12. I’ll also document that trip via blog and vlog on YouTube. Looks pretty, doesn’t it? We’ll be arriving at night, so I should capture some great shots from the plane.


Hope you guys will give me ideas on where to visit and what to do while in Vegas, on this, my first time to visit! Love y’all!


World’s Largest Swimming Pool

Interested in swimming laps? Maybe you’d rather paddle boat, kayak, or float on a huge round float? This swimming pool at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile – on the country’s southern coast – might just be your answer.

This gigantic saltwater pool encompasses 20 acres and is more than 1,000 yards long. It is 115′ at the deep end, and so clear you can see to the bottom – even at the deep end!

Wondering how many gallons of water this lovely mammoth holds? Try 66 million gallons. The annual maintenence costs 2 million dollars. And you thought your pool was expensive to maintain.

This pool hardly uses any chemicals – actually 100x lower than a traditional pool. It recycles sea water! It takes in ocean water at one end and pumps it out at the other end, causing no damage to the ocean.

It took 5 years to build this attraction and cost nearly a billion dollars to do so.

Why build a pool right at the ocean’s edge? Chile has damaging waves and some serious riptides. This is a way to swim in water that is 9 degrees warmer than the ocean, while knowing you are in a safe environment.

Ready to go?