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People! That’s Nasty, Rude, and Irritating!

I KNOW you have pet peeves. We all do. Here are some of mine!

man-spitting  Yesterday, a man walking in front of me decided to spit. The wind was blowing MY way. Gross, folks! Think before you do nasty things!

man-chew-mouthopen  Last night at dinner, a man sat a couple of tables across from me and chewed with his mouth SO open that I was amazed the food stayed IN his mouth when he chewed. Gross, dude. Stop it!

man-burping  Last week, a grown man belched loudly in a restaurant and never said, “Excuse me or Sorry.” He looked proud of his sickening accomplishment. What’s up with these people? Were they raised in a barn?

man-waiting-tooclose  Ever have people standing waaaay too close to you in a line? If I can smell your breath, your lack of deodorant, or feel your breath on my neck, you are TOO CLOSE. Ick.


Ah, yes . . . the person on the cell phone who is talking too loudly over a meal. Never mind how rude that is to whom the person is dining but the one on the cell phone is often yelling into the phone and disrupting all of the diners around her. Please put the phone down when you are at a table, people.

The public in general has adopted many frustrating habits. I’m from the South, and my Mama taught me better than that!