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10 Ways to Live with a Jerk



1)      Stay very busy so you don’t have to address him often. Work, hobbies, outings with friends or family, outings alone, yard work, etc. will keep you occupied and productive.

2)      Pretend he is just a roommate who pays “rent” each week. The income is pretty nice.

3)      Plan ahead to reach your ultimate goals. Education, job, living arrangements. Write down what you want/need and then follow – step by step. Once you turn the boat over, chaos will ensue, so have a plan first.

4)      Meet with a good friend and vent when you need to release steam or seek advice. Or try blogging. It’s an amazing stress reliever.

5)      Stop thinking about how things “should” be. They are what they are.

6)      Improve yourself – physically, mentally, and spiritually. You are deserving of wonderful things.

7)      Love on your cats or dogs. They love you unconditionally and like when you show them you feel the same.

8)      Speak to the jerk when passing in the hallway, meeting in the kitchen, or sitting in the same room.

9)      Learn to un-care about said jerk. What once was love has obviously become a convenience of living arrangements – sharing the bills so to speak.

10)   Realize that you are worthy of real love and a partner who will dote on you and appreciate you.


Get out ASAP if there is violence but if not, and you want to plan a smoother exit route, follow the steps above.

I am not a medical professional. Do not consider my advice as professional.  😉










Mr. Right

I have a very romantic and thoughtful boyfriend. I share this with my readers because some may wonder if a man like Jerry actually exists. He puts up with a lot from me. I am not moody on purpose. It’s perimenopause, depression, and life’s general ups and downs at the moment. I’m 47 and feeling it.

Whomever said older is wiser . . . is makin’ me mad.

 I’ve been moody for over a week. Close to two weeks, actually. Jekyll and Hyde-ish. My boyfriend is a saint. He drew me a bath, filled with bubbles, and he lit a candle near the edge of the tub. Taking my hand in his, he led me to the warm bathroom. The hot water dissolved the day’s tension from my neck and shoulders. The bubbles tickled my nose and got my cat playing with them. It was soothing. Just what I needed. How did he know?

Another time Jerry showed his thoughtfulness (in spite of my nastiness) was on a beach vacation we took in 2008. Our condo was on the third floor and faced the ocean. Nothing between us and the water except white Destin sand. After Jerry and I had a small argument, I huffed to the bed and buried my head under a pillow. He put on his swimsuit and grabbed a towel and left. I wanted to go to the water. Why didn’t he ask me? Jerk! About thirty minutes later, he came  back. He busied himself in the kitchen while I went to the large patio to sip a cold Sprite. Couples held hands and walked along the water’s edge. Children yelled and splashed in the bluegreen water. My gaze caught a pattern in the sand below my balcony. There, in five-foot letters, were the words “I love Ree.” That’s me! My nickname anyway. Jerry had expressed his love in the sand where every single condo resident could see it. My jewel of a man had once again surprised me.

He does laundry, cleans the kitchen, cooks dinners, vacuums, and takes out the trash. What a help! So, single ladies, there is hope. Good men are out there.  😉