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Counseling/Therapy, Waste or Wonderful?

I finally found a counselor who is trained properly and is great at his job! Since my move to Dallas, I’ve been dragging my feet in finding a new counselor because I had such an inadequate one before. I asked myself, “Could they really be THAT different?” Answer? YES!

I need an objective, educated, empathetic professional to help me sort through a few weaknesses in my life. In fact, this current man costs me through the nose, but is, so far, very worth it. I need someone who holds me accountable to do the work to become healthier, mentally and physically.

So, I’m hoping I can summon the strength and courage to get through the difficult homework he has assigned to me. I want to come out the other end with a smile and a deep breath of relief.

Anyone have experience with counselors/therapists to share? Did it help you? Was it a waste of money? Are you worried about a stigma you think is associated with seeing a counselor? Let me hear ya . . . .