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Bipolar Disorder, Be Patient, Dears


Ever feel like you have a Jekyl and Hyde thing going on? I did but didn’t notice it as a problem until years after it began, and then finding the correct meds and behavioral therapy was like pulling teeth.

I’ve finally found the “cocktail” that works for me. Guess how long it took? TEN YEARS! No kidding. I was first diagnosed with depression, then Major Depressive Disorder, then Bipolar, then back to depression with ADHD. Finally, my new doctor said she wanted to treat me for Bipolar 2. I began Abilify (generic) and have been smooth sailing from that point on. Thanks goodness for perserverence. I just KNEW something had to work at some point.

These days, I am happy (but not too much) LOL. I’m not thinking that suicide is the best answer for me as I did for many years. I’ve also got energy again! Blessed be! It’s been gone for so long. Feels good to want to “do” things again.

The Take Away from this blog post is this: NEVER ever give up on finding what might make you feel like yourself again. It’s trial and error. It’s changing doctors multiple times. It’s being patient enough to keep your head up and your courage up even more.

If you or a loved one might have the following symptoms, please see your doctor and start feeling better! ((hugs to you)). See the Mayo Clinic’s information on Bipolar Disorder here:


The “Highs” (mania). Symptoms of a manic episode may include –

  • Feelings of euphoria, abnormal excitement, or elevated mood

  • Talking very rapidly or excessively

  • Needing less sleep than normal, yet still having plenty of energy

  • Feeling agitated, irritable, hyper, anxious, or easily distracted

  • Engaging in risky behavior such as lavish spending, impulsive sexual encounters, or ill-advised business decisions

The “Lows” (depression). Symptoms of a depressive episode (bipolar depression) may include –

  • No interest in activities you once enjoyed

  • Loss of energy and feeling apathetic

  • Difficulty sleeping—either sleeping too much or not at all

  • Thoughts of suicide, if depression is severe enough

Support for Depression and/or Bipolar Disorder

I’m pretty stoked. I left the apartment for the first time in three days (gawd, I sound pathetic). ANYway, I mailed a letter and got a hamburger. Tonight, Jerry and I buy him some slacks. We head for Fayetteville in the morning. The weekend will be fun in the pretty Arkansas Ozarks. My pet sitter will love being here with the cats. He’s a hulking man, but likes felines. 😉

I see my psychiatrist Monday morning. I’m super excited to finally get to see her. My meds are screwed up (obviously).

I added two helpful links to my blogroll today. They offer support groups (meetings) for people in the U.S. and in Canada. I’m going to try one when I return, I think.

1) Depression/Bipolar Support Alliance


 2) The Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorder (and depression)

The second is for Canadian residents. Hope this helps some of you who have asked where to go for support group interaction!

Enjoy your weekend. Count your blessings.