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Just Another Day With Death – A Poem


They call at two

They call at three

Makes no real difference to me.

The dead . . .

They care not what time I am forced to rise

They care for nothing

About nothing.

Where are my scrub pants

Dirty from the last prep


Come, the dead urge me

They insist

I answer, after finding new pants

I’m coming.

Soon you will be

Lovely as can be

And all because of me.

Just another day with death.





Sam – A Rhyme of Life and Death

Death Notice: Sam


From obituary to sanctuary, his actuary, by the statuary, eyes Sam’s subsidiary.

No donation for cremation. Unnecessary. A casket, customary.

Director directing. Mourners mourning this gray morning.

Smelling of a lily, his widow Lily, a lively filly, secretly did killy our friend Sam.

Family teeth gnash, as she gets his cash.

Lily, beneficiary – ruled the judiciary. She’s no monetary revolutionary.

Tears fall. Tears of joy. No one knows. All know.

Her itinerary, the voluptuary, once his secretary, is nothing ordinary.

Bury Sam. Finish the scam.

Rudimentary commentary with Sam’s brother. She’s a budgetary visionary.