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What is Metabolic Syndrome? Insulin Resistance?

Metabolic Syndrome is a grouping of conditions that can wreak havoc on your health. It can raise your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Look for symptoms like these:

  • An apple shaped body (belly fat)
  • High blood pressure
  • High levels of glucose (sugar) on your blood
  • Low l levels of HDL (good cholesterol) in your blood
  • Skin tags
  • Darkening of skin around neck and elbows
  • High blood triglycerides

1/3 of Americans have Metabolic Syndrome! Many have no idea they have it. Being overweight (especially in the belly area) is a huge cause of this syndrome. This obesity causes chemicals and hormones to affect your blood sugar so it responds poorly to insulin that your body makes when you eat sugars or carbs.

Women get this syndrome more often than men, and as we age, the risk gets even higher.

How to “fix” this and overcome Metabolic Syndrome? Lifestyle changes. Sorry. I know you have heard this before, but changing the way you eat and walking a bit more can do wonders for your body and mind. In addition, don’t drink a lot of alcohol or smoke. Get plenty of sleep, as well (7-9 hours a night).

Medicines can help get you in better condition to help you make life changes. Meds to lower blood sugar, blood pressure, and bad cholesterol are available.

All in all, though, proper eating and a bit of body movement will make huge differences in your life and extend your life. It’s tough because this syndrome can make losing weight a struggle, and yet you need to lose weight to get rid of Insulin Resistance. Catch 22!

This can be accomplished. I’m in the process of doing it, so I know of what I speak. 😉

Do it with me ~

Keto / Fasting Day 1

I turned 59 yesterday. I’m a Cajun woman, heavier than I have ever been, and I’m in terrible physical condition. I get winded just walking from my car into a store. It is insane! I decided, after trying every diet I could find – for over 30 years, to change my entire lifestyle . . . not just try a change for a few weeks.

Every time I lost a few pounds on a diet, I gained back what I lost PLUS ten plus more. No exaggeration. It was scary. I was out of control.

I need to lose about 130 pounds now. I will exercise daily. I am also on the Keto eating program and do Intermittent Fasting.

I have diabetes, type 2 because I have gotten so heavy. This means I am insulin resistant or have Metabolic Syndrome. Look up this syndrome if you aren’t familiar with it. If you are fat, you likely have it. Many Americans do. I will write a blog about Metabolic Syndrome after this one – in case you want to subscribe and get more info here.

It is the year before I turn 60. I want to make it a positive and productive year – one that will lengthen my life and make me a happier person.

I’m on blood pressure med and a diabetes med. I take a statin for cholesterol woes and an allergy pill because I have asthma. This means I have a daily inhaler plus an emergency kind that I must carry with me wherever I go. I have Bipolar 2, so I’m on Abilify (which can hinder weight loss) and Prozac, so I don’t experience deep depression and hopelessness.

Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? It does get old. I’m wearing a 3x plus size top and a 3x leggings. It’s all I can find to fit me correctly right now. I’m 5’2 and have a medium frame. My hair is thinning, and my skin is ruddy. It is SO time to get in shape!

I hope you will follow along with me and give me your opinions and suggestions that will be helpful to me. I will put up pics as I go.

Today, I finished a 12-hour fast at 7:00 a.m. I broke the fast with some protein and fat and some coffee. I will post pics of interesting meals regularly, as well as recipes I try and food choices & health tips while I am losing weight.

On today’s physical activity agenda, I will lift 1-pound weights while sitting on the edge of the sofa. I will also walk 5-10 minutes on my treadmill. It’s all I can do right now. Sad . . . .

It’s very disheartening, and it frustrates me greatly that I have gotten to this advanced weight and poor health. My doctor gave me the OK for this plan of fat loss. I’m not a medical professional. I’m merely an ex-mortician losing weight and improving my health through this blog. Hopefully my ups and downs and successes and failures will help others in similar situations.

I’m counting on this blog to keep me honest with myself. Overeaters Anonymous says honesty with yourself is imperative. I have an addiction to food, and it’s not an easy thing to live with.

Join me on this journey. Subscribe, and you’ll get my twice a week blog posts and pics.

Here I go . . . .