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Thank You

I’m in a mood of reflection – probably due to the recent places I’ve found myself. As a writer, the first thing I do to decompress, open up, or share passion is to write. I’m glad I have this outlet. It has been one of the things that kept my head above water.

It’s a season of thanks. Since my family and dear friends read this blog – as well as my kind-hearted and intelligent blog friends – I’ll tell a few of my thanks below, and by no means is this a complete list!

(Thank you blog readers for your comments and your visits to my world. I enjoy yours as well.)

Thank you Jerry for keeping me alive when nothing and no one else could. You actually kept me alive. Do you know how big that is?

Thank you Mama for staying with me through the enveloping swamp-days and for being the only person on earth who could talk me back to reality during my downs. I wish I had truly known what a jewel you were all the years I was young and blinded to a mother’s dedication.

Thank you Sarah for just being the soft-hearted and kind woman you are. I can hardly believe your age and that I had a hand in your development. It’s my finest accomplishment – you and your brother. Your daily texts or calls make my life complete. A mother just wants to be wanted and loved back.

Thank you Ben for the funny, loving man you are. I look at you and see in your eyes that boy I fell in love with 26 years ago. No man has held my heart as you have and will always do. You have had your own heartaches and disappointments. I am proud of you.

Thank you Jeff for raising me as well as our children. I didn’t turn out as positively as the kids did. I have always been hard-headed. No amount of words can undo my actions to you, so I’ll not insult you by trying. You’ll always be family to me.

Thank you Rexx for treating me like a daughter when my own father wasn’t around. I feel like I really am your daughter, and that’s thicker than blood. Thank you for loving my mama with all your heart. She adores you.

Thank you Mary and Leslie and Jan and Becky and Ann – You ladies were my friends no matter what stupid things I did to myself or others. You were always there with an encouraging word and an offer to get together. I’ve been a bad friend, but I hope to improve on that.

Thank you to Jeff P for giving me a chance to re-enter the working world and get my feet wet again. You give me a great opportunity and you don’t even realize it. This is my coming back . . . my re-entry into the atmosphere again after a long absence in space. You have no idea what it means to me.

Thank you facebook friends whom I’ve never laid eyes on, but who still support me with words and smiley faces and farmville gifts. 😉

Thank you Daniel and Megan for marrying my “babies” and for making them so very happy. And thank you for the grandkids!

Honestly, if you are reading this blog, I’m thankful for you. Please have a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving.

“Kids, I’m Divorcing Your Uncle.”

I am beginning to see reasons why Americans are sometimes on the looney side. Life after divorce is weird. Divorce rate still hovers at 50%. I was in the 33% of people in our country who actually made it to her 25th anniversary (barely).


Family dynamics in 2012 are not what they were when Ward and June Cleaver raised the Beaver and Wally. When I think about it, though, I like that we’re more honest now. If we aren’t happy, we try to address that. Instead of living an unfulfilled life of drudgery or extramarital affairs, we aren’t ostracized for suggesting marital counseling, separation, or divorce.

That said, I do think our neighbors (and half of us, it seems) marry prematurely.  I know half a dozen people who knew their spouses less than 6 months before marrying.

Hmph, I’m one to give advice, right? I DID make it 25 years, though. Honestly, I think the issues for those of us who are married a while is that we change. Our personalities, desires, likes and dislikes change over time. What was very important might not be so after a decade or two. Y’know?

Back to the looney Americans – I miss my “in-laws.” Ha! Seriously, I miss being in the circle of their news, laughs, and even sorrows. I guess we have to give up things when divorce happens. It doesn’t  just affect the two marriage partners, which is sucky because it’s their business and not cousin Drucilla’s anyway.

Mmm . . . I hold no bitterness.

I write this blog post because I’m frustrated that my “family” for a quarter of a century no longer wants me in their lives (yes, I was the one who left the marriage, but believe me, it takes two to tango).  It hits hard  tonight because my (then) niece had her first baby today. Her wedding was a few months ago. I wasn’t “in the circle” of that, either. I want to say I understand, but I don’t.

Sleep well, readers. Love those who love you back (and some who don’t).

<And thank you my new subscribers. Seems I’ve got some regular eyes out there.>