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New Relationship Advice


Ever feel like you are living in a life that you didn’t plan?

Ever wonder how a spouse could hide negative traits so well for so long?

Ever wonder if you did the same type of hiding?

Women often are caught in a nasty web. They need personal fulfillment, want children, a career, and a doting husband. Guess what? Having it ALL is just not possible. That would mean perfection . . . which doesn’t exist.

Instead, we flail around – especially in our love relationships.  We hope for best, and then stick a toe in the water to test the chill factor. If the water’s warm, we go for it. If it’s tepid, we wait to see whether to step away or wade in.

If you got the warm water, and then jumped in face first, you might be regretting it before even a year’s anniversary arrives.

Please, ladies and young ladies, get to know Mr. Right before moving your pets in with him . . . before leaving your toothbrush next to his, and for god’s sake, live together long enough to realize his shortcomings!!! If I had it to do over (raising my kids), I’d not teach my kids to wait to have sex or to live with someone they loved before marriage. I would encourage it! Marriage is a huge step, and it’s expensive to reverse! So, do more than get your toe wet. Let your feet dangle in that water for the day while you chomp an apple and consider your future. There really is no rush – and if there is, get your life straight first before introducing a partner into it.


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Counseling/Therapy, Waste or Wonderful?

I finally found a counselor who is trained properly and is great at his job! Since my move to Dallas, I’ve been dragging my feet in finding a new counselor because I had such an inadequate one before. I asked myself, “Could they really be THAT different?” Answer? YES!

I need an objective, educated, empathetic professional to help me sort through a few weaknesses in my life. In fact, this current man costs me through the nose, but is, so far, very worth it. I need someone who holds me accountable to do the work to become healthier, mentally and physically.

So, I’m hoping I can summon the strength and courage to get through the difficult homework he has assigned to me. I want to come out the other end with a smile and a deep breath of relief.

Anyone have experience with counselors/therapists to share? Did it help you? Was it a waste of money? Are you worried about a stigma you think is associated with seeing a counselor? Let me hear ya . . . .