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Time to Journal!

Hello, friends! It’s only been a few days since my last post but I find myself struggling! This huge winter blast of sub temps and lots of snow has me homebound and finding it difficult to stick with my eating plan.

I decided today to make sure to journal every bite I put in my mouth. That’s not something I’ve been very good at doing. Toward the end of the day, I tend to forget my journal even exists.

Do you have issues with this?

I also am going cold turkey with the NO SUGAR. I started eating only one chocolate per day. Then I moved to two. Then it became as many as I wanted. I can’t “eat just one.”

I’ll still check back in with you on Saturday to share my loss for the week. If you have comments that might help me stay on track, please share. I’m sure I’m not the only reader who will benefit. I see that I have many followers who are in the health and physical ed fields.

((hugs)) on this freezing day. Spring will soon be here, and I need to be swimsuit ready!


Life is Bittersweet


Bittersweet: Webster’s Dictionary (Adjective) Sweet and then bitter or bitter and then sweet. Pleasant but painful.


Childhood memories, what are mine?

Snack Pack chocolate pudding (in a metal can)

Play-Doh, coloring books, and the largest box of Crayola Crayons (with a built-in sharpener)

My light brown hampster. Accidentally killing my light brown hampster

Hot french fries from Dairy Queen, dipped (cooled) in an icy Coke

Riding my tricycle in the rain and singing

Birthday parties

Roller skates that fit over my shoes and learning to skate (on a badly cracked sidewalk)

Halloween and parties my mom threw for my friends from school ~ I was a gypsy

Kibby, my outdoor cat

Eating warm figs from the fig tree in our back yard

Swinging high on my swingset while Daddy mowed the yard nearby

Slip n Slide

Barbie car, camper, airplane, house . . .

Chrissy doll with growing (and shrinking) ponytail

Hating to read – then loving to read

Hating P.E (still do)

Lying on the green grass in summer and looking up at the blue sky – what were my thoughts back then? Did I know how to worry yet? I think not. I lived in the moment, as children do, waiting for the next big grasshopper to jump by and steal my attention.

The different stages of life are amazing.

I am very melancholy. I don’t like that about myself, but there it is. I see that the best parts of my life are over (in my opinion), so it’s difficult to NOT look back and feel mournful.

But, onward and upward, right? I’ll take this road, this sidewalk, however narrow or wide. I’ll hit a few bumps, perhaps lose my way, sometimes hit a wall. Still, I continue forward.