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BOOM! Mood Change!


I’m going along just fine, enjoying my new days of being depression-free – not feeling great, but still better, when BOOM! I have to adjust the mood meds again. Doubling the dosage to get me where the Psychiatrist wants me to be. Every time I change the dosage, I get radical side effects. Today, I cried so hard that my diaphragm was sore for hours after.

I had confrontational “words” with my grown son and told him to not visit me in the future.

I got Mother’s Day flowers from my sweet daughter. I filled the vase with water and then it dropped to the floor. Water everywhere. Thank god the vase was a cheapie plastic one.

It’s 8:15, and I’m in bed. I can’t face anymore yuck today. Inside, I FEEL the dying I do daily. We all die a little each day, right? Imagine “feeling” it. Strange sensation.

If I had my choice, I’d wait about 2 hours – make sure it’s very dark out – and then stand next to the interstate – where a semi-truck wouldn’t see me until it was too late to slow. I’m sure I’d feel the intitial impact, but not afterward.

No, I’m not suicidal. I don’t need a hotline or a trip to the psych ward. I need to be normal again, whatever that is. I can’t really remember what “normal” feels like. I have had 2 years of solid hypomania, then 2 years of drepression (some minor. some extremely bad). Only recently did I get a diagnosis of Bipolar, type 2, so I can get proper help!

I write to get the desperation from my chest. To purge some pain.

If you are  praying person, remember me tonight?

I love you guys!

Be Careful: Possible Differing Treatments for Depression vs Biploar 2 Disorder

Bipolar 2 disorder sufferers have episodes of hypomania which aren’t generally severe enough for them to think anything is “wrong.” They just seem to be in a great mood and feeling very social and creative. Their depressive states, however, are more severe. The sufferers tend to seek help while in a state of depression, therefore obtaining prescriptions for an antidepressants.

In a study by an Italian psychiatric disorders expert, Franco Benazzi, MD, PhD, says that studies show that antidepressants and a bipolar 2 patient may not make a good combination.


Also, below is an excellent source of links and specific information on the use of antidepressants in those with bipolar. Very, very interesting material.


Take a look, ready a bit. Be informed, my dears.