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Maui Fun

Aloha from Maui! Yesterday, we did a bit of touristy things. We ate shaved ice with mango and pineapple flavorings (was gooood). In fact, if you see below, I didn’t take time to photograph the icy deliciousness BEFORE we ate them. 😉


After the sweet treats, we shopped at one of my favorite local spots. I call it “my bracelet store.” I don’t even know the actual name of the place. Last year when we were here, I bought several cute hemp bracelets with peace signs on them (hence, my bracelet store). Here are pics from that cute spot. And yes, I bought more bracelets, and Dave purchased a locally carved turtle and 3 handmade soaps.





After shopping, we drove the entire road around the North Maui coastline (on the smaller section of the island). That is an entire blog post in its self. Today? We are hitting the beach. Not sure which one. Will let you know after we have our fun in the sun and salty water day. I forgot sunscreen yesterday and ended up with a pink nose. MUST remember it today!

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Life in Maui, Hawaii!



Greetings, subscribers and visitors! We landed in Maui (finally) yesterday noon Maui time. Our Central time zone is five hours later than Hawaii time. Of course, our sleep habits are a bit off. Do you like the Nene Bird sign? The Nene was endangered years ago, so Hawaii put it on a protected list. Now there are many, and they’re everywhere. They make the cutest sounds – whether you’re eating a shrimp taco, al fresco, or walking into a grocery store, you hear the Nenes. Wild birds (sparrows, small colorful pigeons, and others I haven’t identified yet) are also everywhere there are diners, and we eat outdoors often. It’s fun to share my lunch with a tiny, iridescent-blue-headed pigeon!

The plants here are also amazing. Yellow hibiscus, Hawaii’s state flower, lines the edges of shopping centers and restaurants (not the Oriental Hibiscus that has many more ruffle edges than the Hawaii hibiscus).

We’re off to Target in the small town next to ours. Need a small fan for the kitchen. We’re in a mother-in-law cottage in a lovely neighborhood. Our first night was restful, and this morning we’re ready to hit Turtle Beach for some snorkeling!

Stay tuned, friends, for more photos, videos, and info on how we’re living in Maui for a MONTH! And Please subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already. Love you guys!



In Search Of a Special Job


I’m looking for a special kind of job – as I am a special kind of person.  I’d like to work on a Destin, Florida beach. I like the white sand and blue water – not gold sand and brown water like some Texas or Mississippi beaches I’ve seen. I don’t want to work near the beach but on it, so I can jump in the water when I get hot.

I’d be content making $97,400 a year. I could afford a simple condo on said beach. Benefits should include dental because I need a tooth fixed. And vision coverage, too. My eye pressure runs high, and I get that checked annually.


I can work 5 days a week from 10:00 a.m. till 1:00 or 2:00. I don’t want to get too much sun at once. Plus, a body gets tired of being in one place for too long. It’s what’s best for morale.

I’m a “people person” but don’t like really young kids. They have to be able to communicate and wear regular underwear.


I’m thinking that a bonus around Christmas would be important. I’m not sure how much beach-related gifts are but probably not cheap. Shell necklaces, shell paperweights, shell earrings, sand in a bottle, dry seahorses, flip flops, etc. The gift list can be lengthy.

I’m not picky about what I do exactly. I can sell something, write something, or hand out something. I’d probably rather not sing something or paint something, as I lack visible talent in those particular areas.


With unemployment rates being high and people downsizing all over the country, my new job may require me to put in some overtime – as to avoid hiring a second person for the same job. I sympathize and will consider it.

I’ll appreciate a 2-week paid vacation after being on the job for six months. That’s about the norm, I think.

Any and all inquiries will be reviewed. Please use the comment box with this post to leave your contact information. I can report to work as soon as I get my house sub-leased (and the landlord to agree to a sub-lease).

Have a blessed day ~