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Stairs to Nowhere – A Poem


A quick glance. A pic on my phone. I saw stairs. And then they were gone.

Driving by.  Was saying a prayer. Then I see. Stairs that lead nowhere.

Neither to heaven nor to hell. Just some steps.

Just a pair. Steps that lead to open air.

Is that my fate? Are we all so gullible?

Clinging to what’s not there. Thinking we’re a holy heir?

That day brought clarity. Of the mystery.

Stairs that lead nowhere.



Religion and Politics . . . Hit the Mute Button!


Shhhh . . . someone at my table begins discussing religion and politics. Invariably, they’re Right Wing Republicans, and I find myself activating my tongue’s mute button. I’m different, you see. My family, friends, and even my partner are quite conservative. I used to be one of them too but one day I realized I could no longer hide who I was or what I truly believed.

Yes, I voted for Obama. Yes, I believe in a woman’s freedom of choice concerning her body. Yes, I believe homosexuals deserve the same civil liberties as heterosexuals. I want a national healthcare plan. I want our government to care for the homeless, penniless, and the abused. I’m a registered voter who votes, and I usually vote Democrat.

I’m surrounded by Christians who have literal beliefs about the bible. I live in America’s Bible Belt. It’s not easy being liberal here. I believe in God. That’s all I want to say about my religious beliefs, though.

I’m greatly blessed to be an American. I love my country. My fiance’ is a retired Air Force Sargent who volunteers daily to help our veterans better their lives. I’m proud to be able to freely express myself.

I love people, in general. I never meet a stranger. I’m generous, caring, and help wherever I can. I’m honest, respectful, and a good bit gullible because I think everyone has an open heart like I do.

So, when religion or politics are discussed, I silently sip my iced tea or nibble my salad. Their arguments and passion of belief amaze me. I hear much ignorance in their statements. However, it always passes and a new subject of conversation begins,

The weather? Why, yes, it has been lovely lately, hasn’t it? Back to common ground. 🙂