Is the Keto Diet For You?

Some call a Keto diet “trendy.” Many people have tried this eating plan with great success, so we can call it successful if you stick with it properly.

You will be choosing more fatty fish, olive oil, nuts, eggs, bacon, butter, and cheese than on most other diet programs.

The first couple of weeks, you might see headaches, fatigue, and drowsiness. This can be expected. You are changing your whole body’s fuel system. This period is called Keto Flu.

Lots of information is available or low/no carb diets, so it’s easy to find parameters of the diet, and because so many people are on this plan, there is a community of your peers to chat with.

I know you hear this often with eating plans, but please check in with your doctor about your new way of feeding your body. He or she may have suggestions for you and can also check your body while on this program.

Limiting calories is important. However, don’t go below 1200-1400 per day. Your body needs a basic minimum to merely fuction.

Try the following blog for more info. It has good all around suggestions and also offers different popular food chain options for you.

  • No Bun Please
  • the

For a great podcast, try the following:

The Keto Diet Podcast

Keto for Normies

4 thoughts on “Is the Keto Diet For You?

  1. I believe that there are still too many people out there who don’t really know if Keto is for them or not because “yes” for them Keto is just trendy.

  2. Someone with adrenal fatigue like myself could really benefit from Keto. I have a hard time committing myself to it even though my body does better on a low carb diet. I’m addicted to sugar and really want to get off of that addiction which has now sparked my interest in the Keto diet, er, lifestyle.

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