How to Lose Weight When You’re Not On A Diet

I can’t seem to bring myself to diet again. It’s been one after another over the years. I’m fatter than ever but can’t commit to another eating plan. I just want to NOT think about my eating. That is a mistake, though. If I don’t watch my daily eating, I’ll get as big as my sofa!

I’ve decided to go on a Not Diet. I’ll lose weight by doing small things like eating frozen, healthful meals. I’ll choose Crystal Light in my water instead of sodas. I also like iced tea with fresh lemon. There are many small things I can do to help me lose some fat.

I work from home and on my laptop. So, I’m sitting all day. I will get up every 30 minutes for a walk around this big house or the acre outside if the weather is nice. I’ll also choose to not buy my favorite sweets or savory snacks but substitute healthier versions for them. I was into Little Debbie powdered donuts for a while. Ugh! NO nutritional value. I do like fruit. This will do for me.

I need to journal my food so that I stay honest, though. This, I will start doing again.

There will be nuts and seeds in my cabinet. I like chia seeds in my Dannon Lite and Fit Yogurt! There will also be celery and cucumber next to my ranch dressing in the fridge. If the chocolate pudding cups aren’t there, I can’t eat them. Therefore, the celery’s crunch will solve my need for chips, as well.

Here goes. I’m trying something different. It will be a slower loss but hopefully my weight will keep going down instead of up!

Any ideas for small changes you can share with me?

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