Adult Kids of Divorce – Unfair Position



The above is a very good article about adult kids of divorce. Somehow, I knew these facts but didn’t think much about them as I acted like a mainstream divorcing/divorced parent of these “kids.”

The article reminded me that not only is the divorced couple affected by the split but everyone around them are, as well. And it’s not the kids’ responsibility to be a counselor, confidant, or communicator to his/her split parents . . . no matter how old the kids are.

Now, if I can swallow my pride and ignore the inappropriate emotions I feel – and behave like an intelligent adult. It’s not so easy, even for a “smart woman.”



One thought on “Adult Kids of Divorce – Unfair Position

  1. I have been divorced a couple times and never grasped the impact. Now I know that it changes EVERYTHING, for everyone… down to the tiniest of things. Patience is the key… but it is a big realization when you realize how far reaching the impact is.

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