He Lived in a Cave for 40 Years!


As I type, my fiance, himself a retired Air Force Sargent, is delivering a window air conditioning unit and $500 to a fellow veteran in need. This veteran, Joe, has lived in a nearby cave for over forty years. He was turned down for any help by the Veterans Administration twice after he had returned from fighting in Vietnam, so Joe lived in the woods and made the best of it.

Now, his health is failing, and he needs some help. He turned to the local VA, and they finally helped him. That’s where my fiance comes in. The VA called the American Legion post here in town for aid.

Joe’s story has been spreading, and a fellow veteran donated a used mobile home. It needs much repair but we’ve got workers and donated items to begin fix-up soon. For now, he can have an air conditioner and some cash for needed items to begin repairs on his own. He does get a monthly government check, so he’s got groceries and such.

It’s heartwarming to see people give money, time, supplies, and prayers for this man. I’m proud of my own fiance for his hard work and generosity. It’s in his nature, though. I love that about him. I’m a lucky woman. When the big work day comes, and it’s time to hammer and nail, paint and mow, saw and serve water to workers . . . I’ll be elbow to elbow with the rest.

What a blessing to serve a fellow man ~


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