I was married for 25 years and admit to keeping secrets from my husband. I’m single now and keep secrets from my boyfriend. I don’t share every single thing I know or do with my partner. I’m an independant individual; why would I need to tell all I know to the person nearest me?

Are you wondering what “kind” of secrets I kept/keep? Some are small; some are large. They’re secrets, so I can’t tell you. 😉

The purpose of this blog post is to ask you if you agree that keeping secrets in your relationships is indeed “normal.” Does everyone do it? Are there times you fib about how much money you spent at a store? When we keep a secret, we lie by omission or overtly. The two Os.

Are you a secret-keeper? Is your partner?



2 thoughts on “Secrets

  1. I don’t really keep secrets. But we don’t have to tell each other everything either. We don’t have any rules about any of that. But we agree that if it has to do with the health of our relationship, then we talk about it.

  2. I have kept secret and will continue to keep secrets from past and future husbands. The secrets I have shared have not stayed as secrets so I no longer feel the need to trust my secrets with someone just because they supposedly love me.

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