New Beginnings ~ Simplify!

Last week-end was “moving day,” and this Saturday will be “finish moving day.” I only relocated about 500 yards from my original house but am saving $225 a month by doing so. It will be worth it.

Y’know how moving means having to go through EVERYthing you own? You evaluate whether to keep things or donate them (or auction them) but all the while, you struggle with wanting to clean out your clutter but also wanting to keep things “important” to you. It’s mentally exhausting sometimes.

By moving every few years (more often in my case), you can keep your surroundings simplified. I’ve downsized this time and am loving it.

My point in this blog is to ask you how much “stuff” you have in your home environment that could (should) be culled, thrown in the trash, taken to Goodwill, or auctioned? In my experience, a cluttered home causes stress and makes me ill at ease. The older I get the more I want to simplify my life.

Think about your closets. Do you actually USE everything in them? What about the chests of drawers you may have goodies hidden in? I found two sets of keys and had no idea what locks they fit. I guess I’ll toss them this time around.

Spring is upon us. I want a clean, airy, fresh home with NO clutter or dust (that second part is harder for me to keep up with). I want to grow herbs in my new little backyard flower bed and use them when I cook on the old propane grill, savoring the scents and tastes of my own production.

A new beginning, that’s what moving feels like. (Hold up your glass) Here’s to new beginnings! Cheers! (now go clean out your closets)



3 thoughts on “New Beginnings ~ Simplify!

  1. I also moved last weekend and am planning to unpack this weekend. I did a fairly good job before the move to clear out things put I am still looking at boxes marked “crap from computer room”….. My hopes are to clear out A LOT, unpacking one box or bag at a time. If I can’t find a place for it in the new apartment, it’s gone!
    The best of luck!

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