2014 Goals?


A very good friend asked me what my goals are for 2014. I told her I didn’t really know. I was feeling a bit melancholy.

I just thought about what I did in 2013. I finished college, passed both sections of the National Board Exam, and got a job in my field of study. I am currently working toward getting the 50 required funerals to get licensed in the state of Arkansas as a funeral director. If I can get 50 embalming cases as well, I become licensed as an embalmer, too. I only lack one exam – the Arkansas state law exam. So, I am working toward the goals I set. I’ve already accomplished a huge chunk of it.

I have to remind myself of the good things I’ve done in 2013 and that more hustle is needed to completely finish what I’ve started. So, that is one of a few of my goals for 2014 . . . to NOT give up, even though I struggle a lot to learn this new job and to physically and mentally keep up.

I hope you had a good 2013 and that your next year will be safe and happy.

Smiley Flower Happy!



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