Obamacare – Still Not Addressing Illegal Immigrants



People who know me know that I love my fellow man, am not a tolerater but an accepter, and that I am the first to help the underprivileged of our nation.  That being said, I have a question about why Obama’s new Health Care Laws allow illegal immigrants to go without the “Government Mandated Health Insurance” that the rest of us are forced to carry. We’ll even receive a hefty fine if we do NOT carry health insurance. I guess that’s why my Mexican neighbors (literal neighbors), who are here for jobs and other benefits, but don’t pay taxes and get to avoid the hassle of reporting proof of health insurance to the government – they aren’t legal citizens. For that matter, why do my neighbors not have to GAIN legal citizenship in the first place? They benefit from government funds but don’t  have to pay in – ever?

I guess if you’re not a citizen then you don’t have to “prove” anything. Just send your kids to our already-crowded schools and take Americans’ already-scarce jobs (yes, Americans still want these lower paid jobs, too. Just ask my friend, J).

I am not understanding how our government isn’t arranging for aliens to have to become tax-paying citizens. Please (nicely) explain to me if/why I’m wrong on this subject.

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2 thoughts on “Obamacare – Still Not Addressing Illegal Immigrants

  1. I can’t argue you’re wrong but I do think we need the illegals. Sooner or later somebody is going to want to eat a piece of fruit. And they do pay some taxes, sales taxes, taxes on gasoline, and if they were allowed to become legal, I think they would pay taxes because most of them are hard-working family oriented people. I guess I sympathize with them because they are seeking a better life and I find that admirable. Yes, they do take some jobs that Americans could fill, but many of the jobs they do, landscaping, working for Tyson, construction, are jobs that most people don’t want. So call me a Pollyanna, but I think there is room for them in this wealthy society. Also, I love Mexican food and I think Arkansas could use a lot more diversity. So go ahead, lay into me! Ron

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