Fukushima Nuclear Plant – Another Quake – 6.0




Photo taken by Kyodo on July 18, 2013

“Following the meltdowns of two and a half years ago, crews at the Fukushima nuclear plant have been struggling hard to clear up the damage done by the natural disaster. TEPCO has recently acknowledged that one of the problems it cannot solve is that crippled reactors continue to leak highly contaminated radioactive waters into the Pacific Ocean.  The process of decommissioning the reactors is likely to take several decades, and according to recent estimates, it is going to cost Japan up to $58 billion.”  – rt.com/news

Why do we not hear more about this? Radioactivity is steadily leaking into the Pacific Ocean. How much? How damaging is it? How damaging will it be in the  “several decades” that it will continue leaking? Are we being told the truth of the actual levels of radiation coming from this site? Nuclear power is dangerous. It only takes “once” for disaster to strike. It’s a throw of the dice. Once is enough.


One thought on “Fukushima Nuclear Plant – Another Quake – 6.0

  1. Oh please! If it was dangerous, our government would have told us…. and you know governments have never lied to their citizens. Stock up on miso, and fermented foods like sauerkraut. Those foods are proven to remove radiation from the body.

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