In Search Of a Special Job


I’m looking for a special kind of job – as I am a special kind of person.  I’d like to work on a Destin, Florida beach. I like the white sand and blue water – not gold sand and brown water like some Texas or Mississippi beaches I’ve seen. I don’t want to work near the beach but on it, so I can jump in the water when I get hot.

I’d be content making $97,400 a year. I could afford a simple condo on said beach. Benefits should include dental because I need a tooth fixed. And vision coverage, too. My eye pressure runs high, and I get that checked annually.


I can work 5 days a week from 10:00 a.m. till 1:00 or 2:00. I don’t want to get too much sun at once. Plus, a body gets tired of being in one place for too long. It’s what’s best for morale.

I’m a “people person” but don’t like really young kids. They have to be able to communicate and wear regular underwear.


I’m thinking that a bonus around Christmas would be important. I’m not sure how much beach-related gifts are but probably not cheap. Shell necklaces, shell paperweights, shell earrings, sand in a bottle, dry seahorses, flip flops, etc. The gift list can be lengthy.

I’m not picky about what I do exactly. I can sell something, write something, or hand out something. I’d probably rather not sing something or paint something, as I lack visible talent in those particular areas.


With unemployment rates being high and people downsizing all over the country, my new job may require me to put in some overtime – as to avoid hiring a second person for the same job. I sympathize and will consider it.

I’ll appreciate a 2-week paid vacation after being on the job for six months. That’s about the norm, I think.

Any and all inquiries will be reviewed. Please use the comment box with this post to leave your contact information. I can report to work as soon as I get my house sub-leased (and the landlord to agree to a sub-lease).

Have a blessed day ~


4 thoughts on “In Search Of a Special Job

  1. I have a job offer for you. I can offer you the position of VP of Development for my new non-profit Special Committee Against Materialism (SCAM). You job would be solicit contributions. Just sit on the beach and cold call and you get to keep a full one percent of all the money you bring in and you control your own hours so the job meets that goal also. You need only raise $9.74 million annually to meet your salary goals.You’re actually on vacation all the time. Just a make a few quick calls every day and spend the rest of the day soaking up rays. I know you won’t be able to resist this job offer and I look forward to your donors’ money coming in soon. Welcome to the team. Ron Pruitt President, CEO of SCAM

    1. Dear Mr Pruitt,
      I see you are a savvy business man. I consider $9,500,000 as a doable goal and am definitely interested in your offer. Please meet me at the (Destin) beach outside the Grand Dreamer hotel – Friday of this week – 11:00 a.m..
      I’ll take me laptop. You take a contract.

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