Sounds of the Lawn Mower Excite Me

mowing the lawn

I was hearing the first lawn mowing of the season. Without conscious thought, my mood elevated, and I began venturing into the backyard. I realized that the sound and scent of the man in my life mowing the grass made me happy.


When I was a little girl and it was spring and summer, the sight and sound of my dad starting his old push mower made me excited and full of energy! I’d run to my swing set and go as high as I possibly could – eyes closed and holding on tight. I had company outside . . . someone to play with me. I am an only child and have known loneliness since I can remember.

The sound of the mower engine is soothing. It always has been. And nothing beats the watermelon-like smell of freshly mown grass. It’s magical.

Daddy’s been dead for 26 years now. I’ve since enjoyed a husband or boyfriend doing this deed (I’m not one to do yard work – except gardening – so it always fell to the male of the household).


Jerry just mowed down some pretty purple henbit. It’s considered a weed but is pretty nonetheless. Bumblebees love the blossoms. Now, the yard is greener looking, and the robins are enjoying finding the earthworms more easily.

Y’know, the two cats also love when we humans are outdoors and mowing or grilling or swimming. I’m definitely going to make them a very large caged area so they can join us this season. They were both fully de-clawed and from the local shelter, so are complete housecats.

Back to the lawnmower  . . . my parents bought me a plastic kiddie mower when I was young. Sometimes I’d “mow” with Daddy. Most of the time, though, I couldn’t swing for long enough or high enough before Daddy stopped mowing. I dreamed of a huge yard so he’d never go inside.

Little Girl with toy lawn mower.

It’s dusk now, and the mower has been returned to the shed until next time. I feel bittersweet about it. I look forward to summer goodies . . . things like iced tea with lots of ice and lemon, swimming in clear pool water while long evenings offer wafting scents of grilling steaks and hot dogs. I love the music from the ice cream truck as it slowly winds through the neighborhood. I’ll soon be tilling the ground for an herb and veggie garden – peppers, herbs, squash, and tomatoes. I’m salivating. Wish I could “grow” bacon.

So, even though I detest our 104 degree summers, I love the other parts of summer ………… especially the lawn-mowing. I sure hope you have a few good memories and a few things that evoke such simple pleasures.


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