“Springing Forward” on the Clock . . . It Makes Us Sick


Heart attacks are 3.9 % more likely in the first week after we spring forward. Of course, the risk was even greater for people already taking heart medicines but still – this is a surprising fact.

A more recent study based on 21 years’ worth of accident data from the U.S. concluded that there’s “a significant increase” in fatal crashes on that first Monday (1999 edition of Sleep Medicine).

Workplace accidents are more common — and more severe — on the Monday after switching to daylight saving time, according to an analysis of mining injuries that used 23 years’ worth of data from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

The disruption to normal sleep rhythms was blamed for an uptick in suicides among Australian men in the first weeks after daylight saving time begins. “Small changes in chronobiological rhythms are potentially destabilizing in vulnerable individuals.”

Should we stay on Daylight Savings Time? Why keep switching when there is no longer a need to do so?





(Not an original article by everydayclimb. Portions copied from http://www.sun-sentinel.com/la-heb-daylight-saving-time-health-dangers-20130311,0,5566049.story)




One thought on ““Springing Forward” on the Clock . . . It Makes Us Sick

  1. I was just griping about DST today on fb. It throws off my body clock and makes my moods unstable. I don’t feel “normal” again until we fall back. We need to start a concerted campaign to get rid of the practice!

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