Objects I Love

I watched an Oprah show today and got a message from her interior designer guest that “things” really do matter in life. We’re surrounded by them, so of course they’d make a difference to us. Things offer beauty, comfort, and ease in our lives. I love certain things and want to share a few with you today!


I love antiques, retro furniture, and collectibles. So, I’m pretty much a fan of many, many styles. I owned an antiques mall for a few years and enjoyed every part of it (well, except for the long trips to auction).

I’ve sold bedroom and dining room sets for thousands of dollars per set. I’ve also sold shabby chic, chippy-painted, wobbly-legged treasures. My customers bought oriental rugs, oil paintings, church stained glass windows, and huge gothic pieces. They’ve also giggle with joy at finding a simple end table they could “re-do.”

So, I’m no decorating or collecting snob. We’re all in love with something. I happen to love quite a few things!





Another love is garden niceties! So many pieces of furniture and general decorating items can be recycled into a new use. That process can be creative and a great way to spend a pretty day outdoors.












Notice the chippy door and lovely ceiling which are in the background of the heavy, dark trim piece? Topping off the contrast is a dainty, illuminated chandelier. I LOVE this.














Bookcases of all kinds are favorites of mine. They are not only beautiful to look at but are usable space! My home office is full of bookcases! Everyone needs at least 3 or 4.

















Now, onto storage and shabby paintjobs. This is a favorite color of mine in  this type of furniture. My actual favorite are whites. I’d not pair this cupboard with the Gothic table but I’d definitely take the cupboard! (and the table  . . . elsewhere)











There is something about retro items that draws me! Adorable little “greens” phone chair. A guest can sit and enjoy his beverage at-hand.















I can never forget lighting! It’s one of my favorite things to shop for! This floor lamp is fabulous! It would work anywhere in the home!


See my Pinterest board for many pretty, off-beat, fun lighting choices! (under Lea Milford)













These are exactly like my personal kitchen mixing bowls. Fire King? Can’t recall. They’re wonderful. Thick, pretty, and can take boiling water or ice cubes! Also, who can not grin a little at the color and sweet design?










Okay, lastly I must include oddities. I am a mortuary science major and have loved any type of science since I was a young girl. So, I admit to having a small 1940s metal casket in my office. I also have a hanging lamp near it – silk, dripping with glass beads. They go well together. I won’t go into more detail of my past collectible oddities because not everyone quite understands.







I really should end this with a photo of something other than the skulls and bones above. Let’s see . . .

I’m also a multi-published writer. Here is an article I did a few years ago! Enjoy!


















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