Stop Missing Out on This Fruit!



Pomegranates: Have you eyed these gorgeous fruits but either didn’t know “how” to eat them or thought it would be too difficult to extract the seeds? I’m here to tell you that you have no reason to put it off any longer. It’s pomegranate season, and the luscious seeds are popping with flavor!

Here’s how! Cut off the crown off of the pomegranate







and then score it with a knife and break it open







The the arils (seed casings) can be separated from the peel and internal white pulp membranes. Separating the red arils is easier in a bowl of water because the arils sink and the inedible pulp floats. Freezing the entire fruit also makes it easier to separate. Another very effective way of quickly harvesting the arils is to cut the pomegranate in half, score each half of the exterior rind four to six times, hold the pomegranate half over a bowl and smack the rind with a large spoon. The arils should eject from the pomegranate directly into the bowl, leaving only a dozen or more deeply embedded arils to remove.








Pomegranate aril juice provides about 16% of an adult’s daily vitamin C requirement per 100 ml serving and is a good source of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), potassium and natural phenols, such as ellagitannins (tannins with free-radical scavenging properties) and flavonoids. Pomegranates are listed as high-fiber in some charts of nutritional value. That fiber, however, is entirely contained in the edible seeds, which also supply unsaturated oils. People who choose to discard the seeds forfeit nutritional benefits conveyed by the seed fiber, oils and micronutrients.

In preliminary laboratory research and clinical trials, juice of the pomegranate may be effective in reducing heart disease risk factors. Also, this fruit may inhibit viral infections and has antibacterial effects against dental plaque. And don’t forget its antioxidant claims.

The pomegranate is regarded as a symbol of fertility in China, so be careful!





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