Orange-Clove Pomanders – Better Than Sex!

Okay, close your eyes and think of the aroma when you’re peeling the sweetest orange you’ve ever eaten. Keep your eyes closed! Now, with the fresh orange scent still in your nose . . . imagine fresh, whole cloves with that scent. Mmmm.

You can open your eyes now (they were ANYway if you were reading). Have you ever made Orange/Clove Pomanders? Then let’s get to it!

What use are they, you ask? Other than enveloping your home in rich scent, they make lovely centerpieces or pretty hang-alone-with-ribbon items of conversation. Perhaps my favorite is the tealight holder.




For instructions, visit Cathie and Steve’s page.


If you’d rather make a lovely centerpiece for a table or kitchen island (they’re great for the bathroom, too), here’s a photo idea:

orange_clove_centerpieceThis seems a bit plain for Christmas, so I’d add red ribbon or a few sprigs of pine under the oranges . . . peeking out and giving the centerpiece some added color and texture.


orange_clove_centerpiece2I like the more formal look of the gold ribbon and footed bowl in this picture, too.

Hey! There’s my pine idea from above. I’m so smart.





One hint for those who haven’t made these before ~ sticking pointy cloves into thick orange flesh feels uncomfy after a while, so use a toothpick or push pin to “start” your holes (do a bunch ahead of starting the cloves). Much easier that way.

Looky here . . .

orange_clove_score_a_picWith a fine-tipped marker, draw your design, then use the push pin to score that design before inserting cloves!

Does the fun ever stop?

orange_clovesAnd it all started with an orange and a clove ~




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