Flash Fiction Based on a Photograph

Photo Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Thank the lord I’m wearing a head scarf. People stare so.  Get those looks in.

I need to get to that trash can. Leighton’s Deli customers throw away the best corned beef and swiss.  What waste. The can will be emptied at 8:00. I don’t have much time.

I hate when people stare.  I’ll smooth out the side of my coat where it wrinkles. You’d think a woman fingering through some new trash wouldn’t concern people.  Still holding his bag at his side, the man sneers at me.  ~ I’d like to see him eat out of better trash than this.

I wish he’d stop looking at me. You don’t know me, Mister.




13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Based on a Photograph

  1. I thought this wa great. Best one I’ve read so far – very original. You really got inside her head. It’s so easy to assume things about people on the street, and very hard to imagine what it’s like to be them. I loved the last line.

  2. a great writing teacher once told me that you can’t write a great poem about sadness, but you *can* write a great poem about a homeless person on christmas eve, sleeping on a park bench. so this is right in line with that. well done.

  3. Dear Lea,
    Great job on the capturing her self-conscious attitude and sense of urgency regarding the trash pick-up. This is an angle I had not considered. Well done.

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