Make a Holiday Snow Globe!


I love snowglobes! They are like little magical lands I can hold in my hand. I peek inside to see what the small inhabitants might be up to. Are there people eating Christmas dinner in that tiny house? Is that deer in the snow going to see me watching it? I had a vivid imagination as a girl. I loved diving into other, smaller worlds (The Borrowers was my favorite book).

Want to join me in making a snowglobe or two? Let’s see what we’ll need.

1 – A glass jar with a screw lid (no leaks) that’s been cleaned thoroughly, including the lid

2 – Small holiday themed toys or ornaments for the actual scene

3 – Glitter – silver or white – or artificial snow

4 – A bit of glycerin, you can buy this from cake-making suppliers or pharmacies (the glycerin serves to allow water to thicken, making the “snow” fall slowly)

5 – Aquarium silicone sealant to glue the figures inside the glass (some people say to use florist’s clay)

6 – Florist’s clay – if the base of the lid needs building up because your scene is very small, this clay works well. This clay is waterproof and won’t dissolve

7- Distilled water (you can make your own distilled by boiling tap water and then letting cool)


Time for the fun!

Step one – Glue the ornaments or “scene” to the the jar’s lid with the aquarium silicone sealant (or florist’s clay). If using the silicone, let sit for 12 hours. If using the clay, you can proceed with step two.

Step two: Fill the jar with COLD distilled water until it almost reaches the top.

Step tree: Add a small amount of glitter (add less than you think, as you can always add more later, but it’s very difficult to take it out once added)

Step four: Add 1 teaspoon of glycerin

Step five: Screw on the lid and test your globe by giving it a good shake. If there isn’t enough glitter, add more. If the glitter falls too fast, add more glycerin

Step six: Once you are happy with your globe, you can hot glue the lid to the top of the jar. Just line the inside of the lid with hot glue and screw on tightly.

Decorating the outside of the lid is optional. You can choose a sky blue felt, cut a strip of it it in a “roller coaster” design and then glue silver glitter or fake snow to it. Your “snow mounds” are finished and ready to glue onto the side of the lid. Perhaps Bambi is standing in lots of snow.  You might paint the lid white to resemble snow, then just wrap with vine/holly berries. Adding buttons to the lid’s exterior can give the “folk” look. Perhaps just hot glue a pretty ribbon around the lid. The choices are many! Have fun with it!


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