EASY Chili Recipe

I realize it is not “the time” to make chili. It’s sweltering outside. However, I have the urge to make a very simple and very tasty chili. This recipe is a matter of dumping cans into a large pot and browning some ground beef.

I promise, it’s good!


2 cans Bush’s chili beans

2 cans chopped tomatoes

1-2 cans of Rotel – (made for chili type)

1-2 lbs ground beef (browned and drained)

Use juice and all from the cans.

After mixing together, heat through. Top with chopped onion, cheese, chopped jalapeno peppers, or anything else you






Thanks for the photo  of the finished chili goes to – southernforkintheroad.blogspotl.com


One thought on “EASY Chili Recipe

  1. I consider chili a fall/winter dish, too. Searching for summer soup recipes though chili kept coming up, & when I posted something about it on fb, I had a few friends saying they love chili in Summer.

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