Links I Love . . .

Hi, Readers!

I thought I’d share some of my favorite things. Below are some links. Are you brave enough to get to know me better? 😉

The above is for a super cool pool toy. Wish it were big enough for me!


Aboved links are for Judy Lee (vintage) jewelry on ebay. I loooove her line.

This is showing my fave place for beans, cornbread, coleslaw, and iced tea! YUM! Then, I can fish or swim in the War Eagle River next to the mill.

Above is my favorite movie (well, one of the top 5). Pet Sematary, by Stephen King. SCARY!

A favorite book on writing is above. It helped me a great deal.


Okay, dark chocolate ice cream is wooonderful. But, I like it harder than this melting one. 😉

Nature (water) and fishing with a cane pole and bobber and worm (or minnow).



And of COURSE baby kittens. I’ve raised several litters and could keep kittens in the house always.

What are your favorite things?


2 thoughts on “Links I Love . . .

  1. Love baby kittens! Wait! Shouldn’t that be baby cats? Aren’t kittens baby cats? lol

    On a more serious note, I don’t want to say what I at first thought that picture of dark chocolate was.

  2. Russell, you made me laugh. That’s not easy to do these days. Thank you! And yes, the dark cocolate ice cream does kind of look like . . . you know. 😉
    I agree with your “baby kittens” comment. Never thought of it until now. Ain’t you just the genius around these parts!

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