My house was quiet except for my unpacking boxes from the move. I was in my closet when I heard a woman’s voice at the opposite end of the house. Had someone gotten inside? I was home alone.

Then I wondered if the TV had come on by itself! I thought ghost.  The voice quieted. I stayed in my closet, listening for someone. My heart beat faster, and I heard myself breathe.
Then, the woman spoke again. In a very monotone voice. She said,”Turn right, then stay left.” It was my freaking gps talking. It comes on automatically sometimes, but doesn’t usually talk to me. Whew.


3 thoughts on “Intruder!

  1. Haha! This is the sort of thing I do. I once heard a beeping sound in my bedroom, and tore the entire room apart trying to find the source of it. I began getting paranoid that something was about to blow up, and panicked.

    After an hour of worrying and stressing and planning what to pack if the house sets on fire, I finally found the cause. My laptop battery was low.


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