I Sliced Open My Knee Today. Wanna See The Pic?

THIS is what I get for trying to do housework!

I finally felt like “doing” something today. So, I cleaned. Since it’s my first day on the double dose of mood med, I was semi-nauseated and not quite balanced on my feet.

So, this mishap occurred. OUCH!

I’m too old for knee boo boos.

Tomorrow, I will deep-clean the kitchen. Hope I don’t cut off a finger.


3 thoughts on “I Sliced Open My Knee Today. Wanna See The Pic?

  1. 😦 kisses for your knee boo boo. (lol). Nice job on the cleaning though. Good to hear you up and moving (hope the nausea passes quickly! I hate medication adjustments).

  2. Hello, G! Today, I had no real nausea and had my balance back (it’s been a while). I didn’t clean my kitchen after all. I drove 40 minutes to see my daughter-in-love and granddaughter. 🙂 It was worth it. Then, I picked up photos at Walgreens, then went to Goodwill and picked up two unused photo albums. Productive day! Now, hope I can “turn off” tonight. LOL. Hope you are well!

  3. Yikes, must be something in the air: I, too, mashed my knee a couple of weeks ago (first time in eons) and it’s taking its sweet time healing. But somehow it was reassuring that (a) now that I’m over 50 it doesn’t automatically mean I’ll shatter to bits when I fall, and (b) yes, I’m still kind of a kid at heart too, because I want both to scratch off the scab and to keep it on my knee longer because it’s kind of a badge of honor to have crashed and still gotten up and kept going, know what I mean? 😉

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