How to Enjoy Life, Be Content, & Love Yourself!

Won’t someone write a blog about this? Why does no one have the answers to these few questions?




2 thoughts on “How to Enjoy Life, Be Content, & Love Yourself!

  1. Wow. What a question that hit me in the head so early this morning!
    I think if you put the question in the order of importance it would be “How to Love Yourself, be Content and Enjoy Life.” You can’t enjoy life or find contentment until you have a healthy love for yourself…that you do matter, that you do have worth, that you can be loved, that God knows you by name, that you are significant to Him, that you are so important that God has a place ready for you…
    Self love is hard because our minds know that it can reach a point that one can love oneself too much – known anyone like that? The same thing can be said of loveing oneself too little. Both are wrong. Both, too much or too little- discard the way that God sees us.
    Self hatred is easy, but it forms out of lies others have told us and we tell ourselves.
    Sometimes I have to tell myself the very things I would tell my children if they were struggling with the issue of loving themselves.

  2. I’m dealing with depression, too, and yesterday my husband quoted a line to me from the book and movie “The Help”: “You is kind, you is smart, and you is important.” This was repeated several times by the maid talking to a little toddler girl she took care of. This made me laugh and smile which I haven’t been doing much of lately.

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