Stress! There ARE Effective Ways to Cope!

I’m passionate about something tonight. Negative stress. Let’s read a little further.

Got any of these symptoms?

  • irritable behavior and frustration
  • reduced exercise or active living
  • increased food (especially junk food) consumption
  • hard to focus or make decisions
  • trouble sleeping or restlessness
  • moody or emotional outbursts
  • negative or depressed attitude
  • Muscle tension or pain
  • Stomach / abdominal pain
  • rashes or skin irritation
  • shortness of breath or irregular breathing
  • sweating or cold spells


One way I have learned to handle plain old stress is by talking to mysellf. I know! It sounds like I’ve eaten one too many lead paint chips. But, think about it, you feel better after telling your best friend or therapist about your problems. When he/she isn’t available, tell yourself! You’d be surprised how much you an work out by doing this. Please don’t do it in a store or other public situation (unless you pretend you’re on your cell phone, and in that case, turn off the ringer so it doesn’t ring while you are speaking and give you away)! In the car? Sure! I do my best talking there. Diffusing my inner turmoil into the space outside my body!

I also hide in my bedroom and only do what I WANT when I feel especially stressed. I’ll let my two cats in, but that’s it. TV or computer on, tasty goodies on hand to nibble, in my pajamas. You get the idea. A cave of safety from the world and its demands and evil-doings. Why don’t you try to get away from everyone and spend time on ebay or facebook or reading something you love or maybe watching mindless sitcoms?

I have to remind myself to breathe when I’m really stressed. I tend to be a very shallow breather at those times. I also wear my shoulders like earrings (up high). So, I’m constantly taking deeper breaths and pushing my dang shoulders back down. “Relax,” I tell myself (yeah, that’s me doing self-talk).

Sleeping is amazing for lessening stress. I have the luxury of only attending classes till noon thirty, so I  can decompress in the afternoons, if needed. Last two days, I have taken long naps, and awoken to a much improved mood.

One night, my thoughtful boyfriend made me a very hot (ouch) bubble bath (he used too much Mr Bubble, and the small room was almost foggy with bubbles). Honestly, after letting my skin get used to the water-hot-enough-to-boil-a-crab, I loooooved it! Super relaxing all over my body. The hot bath is great after I finish a long night of embalming – especially if I have been suturing autopsy cases. That is a lot of arm/back work.

As mentioned before, talk out your stresses with someone you can TRUST. I  almost made the mistake of confiding in a woman yesterday who turned out to be a back-stabbing liar. Scary! I’m far too trusting. I’m hurt often.

I love you all, and I wish you a happy, healthy, STRESS-FREE day!



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