Depression, Anger, and Jealousy

Anger and jealousy are emotions I’m feeling tonight. They arose from two unrelated incidents – both evoking anger and jealousy. I suppose it was too much to swallow, so here I am, blogging about it.

Anger is a normal emotion, but the jealousy is hard for me to justify. I want to throw darts or smash dishes. That would feel good. I’d have to throw a lot, though.

I start back to school tomorrow morning. Third quarter will soon be underway. Two more quarters to go after this. Yes, nine months. But, it seems like less time by saying it in “quarters.” 🙂

I’ll be a grandma (second time) by mid-week. Daughter-in-love may be in labor as I type. She was having pain and other signs of labor. I just became a grandma in November. These two are close together.

Anger and jealousy are subsiding, I think. I’m letting it go. I’m focusing on other issues . . . being my own counselor. It’s much cheaper this way!


Money, it’s the bane of my existence. Never enough of it. Always being charged for SOMEthing. Owing SOMEone. Grrr . . . .

I need a hot shower, a cup of hot cocoa, and a good TV show.

I’d like to die, but that’s not an option. Oh, yeah, for those of you who don’t regularly follow my blog, I have Major Depressive Disorder. Evidentally it never quite goes away – and stress exacerbates it. Hmph, go figure. So, even on antidepressants, I am not antidepressed.

So, tomorrow is another day. I’ll awaken, drink a few sips of coffee, and get ready for February 28, 2012.

I’m fine. Really, I am. I’m just brutally honest and raw about my feelings. Thank you for reading. Next blog post will be of something actually helpful in nature – I hope.

Oh, take a look at this ABC  News article:


5 thoughts on “Depression, Anger, and Jealousy

  1. I know it’s not funny in the least but I had to laugh at your comment about not being antidepressed. lol….I have the very same issue!

    You have had a lot going on recently! Congrats on the new grandbaby to be 🙂 A growing family is such a gift.

    I say get yourself that hot cocoa and curl up in a blanket tonight, or a nice hot bath if you can stay awake. We make it through one day at a time, don’t we? *hugs*

    1. I laughed at that comment after I wrote it! My convoluted brain – it makes for fun writing!
      I had the hot bath. In a bit, the cocoa!
      I started new classes today. Embalming left me sans-appetite. Wish it’d last!
      Hugs back atya! XO

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