What Do You Do For A Living?







Must be their second date. Time for him to see what she “does” for a living.

I wonder how many of my friends willl engage me in conversation now that I’m in mortuary school. I see why networking is big in this profession. No one else will gab with us!

What do YOU do for a living?


2 thoughts on “What Do You Do For A Living?

  1. I think being able to say you work as a mortician might weed out a lot of 2nd dates that are not 3rd date material. I grew up with an uncle who was a funeral director. The funeral home was right across the street & families often made arrangements at our kitchen table instead of over at the funeral home. I got asked out on a date by a guy who was working for the competition once. Because I had a different last name I don’t think he but 2 & 2 together but I found it very funny. I did think that the poor guy probably did have other girls grossed out by what he did for a living. Me, I was just grossed out that he took me to a ‘ski bunny’ movie as a 1st date.

    Retired and married for 26+ years.

  2. Hehe, this caught my attention because some of my family is in the funeral business with a small chain in my area. We aren’t closely related, but we have the same last night. It is both amusing & disturbing to see hearses drive around with your name on them.

    But I feel you on the dating front. I was a Social Worker. Nothing kills a mood like telling a man what you do for a living when so much of it involves pedophiles or AIDS. Another very unsexy job. It’s also not a good job for meeting men.

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