My Two Realities



When it’s time to change antidepressants, I dread the switch. This past week, withdrawal symptoms I’d never experienced wracked each and every day. I was light-headed, dizzy, nauseated, and lacked an appetite for ANYthing. I have final exams Mon – Wed, and I have barely cracked the books.

“Come on, Lea. Get with it.”

I stepped outside of my apartment – taking out trash – for the first time today, and I felt like a vampire when the sun hit my eyes! Honestly, I wanted to run back indoors. Outdoors was sunny, had blue skies, and was a briskly cool morning. It was reality. I’d been indoors – dark, TV, laptop, and warmth. My faux-reality. Like my inner self manifesting itself in my surroundings, it’s disorganized, dark, and has plenty of distractions.

So, those are my realities – indoor and outdoor. That was simple.

Now, to LEAVE this apartment for a couple of hours . . . I’m working on that. I’ve showered and brushed my teeth. The next few days will be stressful and testing (pun intended), so today, I will likely vegetate. Ahhhh . . . .



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