Don’t Try To Make Me Feel Bad

I frustrated someone today because I was excited about this quarter’s classes being almost finished and about being excited that half of my assigned caseload is finished.  Yes, I love the subject of my career, Mortuary Science. So, why am I not able to freely share my excitement, within limits? He referenced my “excitement” about “death” and suggested my needing to “tone it down” a bit.

Hmmm, that ain’t happening! Being almost 48 has afforded me the wisdom to know when someone is trying to force his/her opinions of appropriate behavior on me. I’ll decide what is appropriate for me, thanks.

I fight Major Depressive Disorder, (because of meds, merely) fleeting thoughts of suicide, and low self-esteem. I don’t need anything else to feel guilty about or to feel inadequate over.

So, after a brief period of “who do you think you are” thoughts, I’m still feeling okay. I’ll still go to school in the morning, happy to be there, happy to be studying mortuary sciences, and excited to be with new friends.

Not sorry if that makes anyone frustrated or angry. That, more than likely, means you are judgemental.

So, stop that!


(Love y’all ~)


3 thoughts on “Don’t Try To Make Me Feel Bad

  1. Don’t let the chronically unenthusiastic drag you down. They see ambitious, lively people as a threat, as competition. You don’t need anyone’s permission to feel good about yourself and moving forward in life.

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