The Grinch!

I’d like to know why I am in the spirit of Christmas less and less every year? I am probably not putting up my tree this year. I’m divorced now and living alone, and my kids are grown and on their own. No one is coming to my house for the holidays, so why go to the trouble? Plus, I’m temporarily in a cramped apartment. Yeah, I think I might get a string of colored lights to tape around my toilet tank.

I hope everyone got to visit with family and/or friends today (Thanksgiving). My parents are GREAT! I got to see one of my step-brothers, too. He’s a hoot. He has been general manager at radio stations, been a D.J., done radio ads. He has a super voice). My elderly uncle was with us and laughed and ate too much. I love to see older folks have a good time.

Am I ready for Christmas? No. The gifts are already purchased. I’m just not mentally up to the challenge of all the overcrowded stores, wallet sets and gloves on every other end cap, and fast-food fried pumpkin pies. I like Starbucks’ peppermint mochas, though. I’ll have those year round.

Maybe I’ll do some driving this year – see some houses with festive exterior illumination. Maybe not. I have a toothache. Have to find a new dentist in Dallas. Then, I’ll have painful shots in my gums. Then, he’ll charge ME for the whole fricking procedure! Without dental insurance, I’ll be out hundreds of dollars.  I’m hearing The Grinch in my tone. Hmmm. Maybe a little of Scrooge, as well.

Don’t forget the seasonal bell-ringers in their red aprons. Their red buckets behind them. Did you know they can’t even make change? Yeah. Oh, they “can’t open the red buckets.” Well, buddy, that’s one more five spot you won’t have to feed the hungry with.

Maybe I’ll be more in the mood for Christmas tomorrow. Black Friday. I hear it’s going to be changed to African American Friday next year. Whatever. Surely a couple of hours, elbow to elbow, with overweight housewives at Walmart will cheer me up.

Wish me luck ~


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