Coping ~ Herbs, Pills, What?

I am trying to live a more healthful life style. So, I’ve cleaned up my eating and spend my days unpacking, cleaning, and stretching. However, I still have mid-life issues with my female body.

Insomnia being a chief complaint. I introduced Lunesta to my world a couple of nights ago. This is night three. So far, it does the job pretty well. I hate to take sleep aids, but I have GOT to rest at night. So much for a “clean” lifestyle, because I also take an antidepressant and estrogen/progesterone.  3 pills at night and a gel. I’m an “old person” now, I suppose.

After classes start next month, I’m hoping to tire my mind and body so that I sleep on my own again! Depression? I may stay on that pill a bit longer. When PMS becomes volcanic, it helps to have something that at least takes the edge off.

When did it become the norm to throw pills at our problems? What did my grandparents do when they hit menopause or related age/coping issues?

My dad completed suicide when I was 23, and he was almost 45. Until the last few years, I couldn’t fathom how Daddy could have gotten to a state of mind that he saw NO other way out of his problems but to die. Well, I’ve been there and don’t want to go back. Scary, black place that sucks you in and won’t let go.

So, back to the coping with pills. Are they crutches? Are they a temporary help in a time of real need? What do you think? Really?!

2 thoughts on “Coping ~ Herbs, Pills, What?

  1. It is my projection that you are sensing your body and health and taking steps to take care of yourself. This is a very good thing and healthy. Whether you use fish oil or antidepressants to deal with mood issues, the feeling that mood issues exist and the urge for self care is a healthy process. As far as sleeping, I have previously had some people in my life who were very concerned (embarrassed) by me falling asleep at “inappropriate” times. The glorious thing is it is impossible to be embarrassed when you are asleep! However, a pharmacist/nutritionist advised that a couple supplements could help. He recommended 450mg of magnesium and 3mg of melatonin at bedtime. He also recommended no caffeine from late afternoon on. The magnesium is a muscle relaxer and the melatonin is a substance normally secreted by the pineal gland that affects sleep cycles and can also help with more lucid dreams. The lucid dreams are a sort of bonus! Magnesium can also act like a laxative so watch out for a surprise in the AM! Removing or reducing meat, dairy, and processed foods will quiet the mind as well and a quiet mind allows sleep to come more easily.

    There is one more thing that can be helpful. There are many thoughts that come when we try to sleep that may take the form of “oh, I can’t forget to”, or “I really need to”, or “I forgot to.” If you put a pad of paper next to your bed with a pen then you can be prepared for this. If these thoughts come, write them down and let the paper or God worry about these things. They will not be forgotten as they are on the paper and then can be dealt with in the morning. Some of the happiest and most productive people like the Dalai Lama walk around without thought or doing japa (mantra repitition) through much of their time and they don’t do the worry thing. A quiet mind is not the same thing as an empty head.

    Regardless of whether these things are helpful or not for you, continue to congratulate yourself on your feelings of value for yourself and your urge to take care of yourself. As you go on this journey, this care of yourself will expand to others in a way that is very powerful and good for all sentient beings.

    Be well.


    1. Thank you for your informative and always appreciated input, Shiva. I’m always happy to incorporate your suggestions! Making green drink later 🙂 XO

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