Ch Ch Ch Changes . . .

Well, today is the first day of autumn. Another milestone of the year passing and a new holiday season approaching. La Tee fricking Da. I’m so sick of changes in my life that I want to spit toward an old person, pinch a baby too hard, or throw rare library books!

My friend, J, reminded me that most the massive changes in my life over the last 4 years have been of my own choosing. She’s correct, as usual. She’s a smart lady.

Just because I chose the changes to reach goals, doesn’t mean I like the stress, depression, anxiety, and fatigue that go along with it all.

I applied hair color about thirty minutes ago and still have about ten minutes to process, so here’s my blog for the day:

How do I deal with Stress? Don’t say exercising or meditating! Those don’t work for me. I’ve been medicating here and there, but that’s not a healthful coping skill for the long term. A good, wracking cry really does take the edge off many times. I did that last night! My boyfriend, Jerry, invited me to cry on his broad, strong shoulder. I did. Left wet spots on his gray shirt. He didn’t care. That’s love for you.

With the Major Depressive Disorder diagnosis I got from my last Psychiatrist, I’ve come to recognize symptoms of overload when they rear their ugly heads. Now is one of those times. Even “retail therapy” doesn’t work. 😉

So, if you are one of my many readers who suffer from anxiety, depression, or similar disorder, hang on tight to someone or some thing. We know this will pass. We’ve been through it before and come out the other end. Doesn’t make it hurt any less, but at least we know the answer isn’t in the barrell of a pistol or the bottom of a pill bottle.

So, I’m telling myself and my readers, “Heads up!! It’ll improve!! Always has! Will again!”


P.S. – My blog stats show that my once many hundreds of readers has dwindled to just several hundred. Duh, it’s my fault for not blogging regularly. I had to relocate to Dallas. Keep your eyes open for more often blogging. Oh, and keep your comments coming. I love reading them and publicly posting a few. XO!!


One thought on “Ch Ch Ch Changes . . .

  1. I have a suggestion. The reason you cannot meditate, etc. has to do with body chemistry and this is based on stress, food, medicine, and many other factors. My suggestion is this and I speak only from my own personal experience. I watched two movies with Bela that kicked us into action but where it took us was very surprising. We watched “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” and we started a juice fast that day 7/4/11 and when the juicer broke in 2 days we got a vitamix blender and switched to a “green smoothie” fast. The secret is that when you are hungry make unlimited amounts of the stuff. Take 4 or 5 grams of fish oil a day unless you are a vegetarian like me then contact me for suggestions. See my blog for details.

    Why do any of this? I did it a week at a time as an experiment and noticed good weight loss – 30 lbs for me, a much, much quieter mind, less worries, incredibly increased energy, better skin. Bela just qualified for a life insurance $75.00 a month cheaper because of improved health. It is unbelievable! PS, I am not selling some kind of powder or other stuff. Do this with fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Second movie to see is “Forks Over Knives.” Great stuff on vegan diet and health. I am not trying to recruit you or get you to stop eating meat. I just absolutely know you have the drive to be healthy. I have not made this suggestion to anyone else but you asked. I will not be offended if you say “this is crap, hell no!” If you do try any of this, I would love to know what you experience! I have had very interesting experiences when I share what I am doing with friends, when I have food cravings, etc. and would love to hear yours!!

    Plus it is so easy. No more cooking! Everything is raw and done in a blender! I “cook” breakfast and lunch for both of us in 20 minutes in the AM.

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