~ Old Things ~

I heard from an old friend today. It had been two years since we had last spoken. The internet makes it easy to relocate “lost” people.

We talked on the phone for almost an hour while J waited for a plane in Austin, Texas. The laughs, memories, and promises to keep in touch were heartwarming.

After hanging up with my friend, I realized how many vintage electric fans I use in my home. There is at least one in every room. Yes, even the bathroom! I love them, and they last forever. Old things are made well. Last longer.

I keep my “treasures” in an old pine cupboard in the dining room. It holds my favorite collectible stemware, mixing bowls, and stoneware. I wanted that cupboard so bad, I cried when I thought someone had bought it before me (my mom had gotten it as a gift for me)!

I love old items. They are unique in form and even function.

I guess that’s why I’m handling aging well. I may not have the energy I once had. I may not have the looks I once had. The memory is also hit and miss. However, I am much wiser, more easy-going, more patient, and more loving. I’m also more thankful/appreciative.

I feel like a fine wine. I’m gettin’ better with time!

Yeah, baby!


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