I just wrote a long blog about how I value my friends. I even listed the women who hold a special place in my heart and life. I was pleased with the finished product. Then, I lost every word when I hit the “publish” button.

I sat in silence, wanting to throw my external drive at the wall. Instead, I sighed audibly (resulting in looks from my two cats). Then, I questioned whether the subject of friends was what I wanted to rewrite. Was it important or a female fluff piece?

It’s important. Yes, this applies to you. Keep reading.

Friends, don’t let time slip away from you. Tell those you love that you DO love them. Show them. DO something for them to make their lives easier or happier. My daddy killed himself in 1987. My children were 3 andf 1. I celebrated my son’s first birthday five days after daddy’s funeral.

My grandma died suddenly of an aortic anneurism. She was gone in half an hour. I didn’t get to say good-bye.

My grandpa smothered to death in a hospital room. Emphysema robbed him of the one thing no one else could give enough of. Plain old air.

My beloved aunt had advanced, type I diabetes and passed away at age 38. Blind, feeble, and still holding hope she’d improve. She’d lost so much weight, she said she could soon get up and around and fit into a tiny pair of cute jeans. It broke my heart when she died two weeks later.

Life is a mixture of heartbreak and joy.

Joy has come (and still does) in many forms. I find great joy in people. I love my cats and a friend’s baby raccoon. I love picking a fresh blackberry from a summer bush and feeling the warm, sweet juice on my tongue. Simple things give me pleasure – a snowy day. Fall leaves. Swimming in the salty ocean. A ripe tomato from my own vines.

When I was younger, I was too busy to see many things. I had babies to feed, a husband to listen to, and household chores to complete. Now, I live alone, am a student, and enjoy a relaxed life.

Coffee today was with my great pal, Nik. She is a delight. Her face glows from the humor and kindness within her. We laughed and drank cold coffees. We shared stories, as she has been out of state for several weeks. I left the coffee shop feeling renewed and thankful.

My friend, J, is also a source of happiness. She and I have shared many stories and even more raw truths about ourselves.

Why don’t men forge such bonds with one another? I have only known a few men who have ONE good friend, much less a few. It’s sad really.

So, my lost blog post has been a blessing. This one was much more satisfying to write.



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