Education ~ It’s Never Too Late

On average, a person with a bachelor’s degree earns approximately $54,400 per year, compared to the $31,000 average yearly salary of a worker with a high school diploma.

So, is there still value in going to school for the extra four years to get the college degree? That will always be a yes! A college education gives a person a well-rounded knowledge base. I gained the abililty to write more precisely, read more quickly yet selectively, and speak through fear. I also learned about my nation’s history, the earth’s layers, and how to speak French.

When someone (usually without a college education) says, “There’s no need for college anymore. Bill Gates doesn’t have a degree.” I smile and just remain quiet. I know better. My college education is invaluable (although I paid through the nose for it).

Education is never wasted. I love Robert Frost’s poetry and reading the biography of Eleanor Roosevelt. I enjoyed passing advanced math (but hated the actual process) and loved learning the anatomy of the human body.

I was a tutor at the local literacy council a few years back. I held that job (volunteer) for close to a decade. I taught classes to read and write English as a second language and also taught American individuals the same. My most moving experience was teaching a grown man from Arkansas. He began at a functionally illiterate status and is now at an advanced high school level. That collaberation still gives me great satisfaction and joy. He is living a whole new life – one filled with books, magazines, newspapers. He reads departure/arrival information at the airport. He reads highway signs and recently drove through a large city (and found his destination on time).

So, I will never have qualm about sharing the importance of knowledge to others. Learn, enjoy the experience, and share what you know with those around you!

Do you have something at which you excel? Can you teach someone else? Could you improve your life by advanced education? Possibly finishing your GED?

It’s never too late.


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