Mortician, Undertaker, Funeral Director ~ Oh, my!

graves graveyard

As soon as my friends and family discovered I had enrolled in mortuary school, they began with the twisted faces, looks of disgust, and questions about WHY I would choose this as my profession.

I’m used to the looks and questions now. However, at times, I ask myself why HAVE I chosen the jobs I’ve had?

I’ve been a nursing assistant at an in-patient hospice facililty. It was a job full of mixed emotions; satisfaction, sadness, empathy, curiosity, and joy were all my companions.

I’ve been a Psych Tech at a mental health hospital, a lockdown facility. I worked with adults, children, but mainly teens. It was months of energy draining, emotionally charged, (yet oddly satisfying) torture.

Now, I pursue the death industry – casket and urn sales, other funeral planning, embalming, and the business end of death. It’s a career that will always be in demand, the salary is good, and I love working with people and in the field of science.

Come to think of it, when I was younger and my friends read Seventeen Magazine, I had a subscription to Psychology Today. When neighbor girls laid in the backyard sun to get tanned skin, I gathered items to view through my microscope. Yes, I also had a chemistry set and a telescope.

So, when I think of what “normal” is for the majority of people, I don’t seem to fall under that heading. I’m abnormal, I suppose. What a boring world it would be if we all were alike, though.

I see myself much like a trash collector in his stinky truck. I perform a necessary function that others don’t necessarily want to dwell on or watch. I just “take care of it.”

I’m thankful for our differences. Our diversity make the world a very interesting place!


One thought on “Mortician, Undertaker, Funeral Director ~ Oh, my!

  1. Lea. I’m sure you will do well. You have the right mixture of compassion, respect and strength it takes to succeed in this field.

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