Life Means Change

I fight change, thinking it will stop if I rebel enough. Change comes anyway.

I fought through my marriage, thinking that if my husband already didn’t desire me, I’d gain about 100 pounds, and REALLY turn him off. Well, does the cliche, “cut off your thumb to spite your hand” ring any bells?

I fought the overwhelming grief that hit me like an ocean wave when my first child moved away from home and soon after, married. Didn’t make any difference what I wanted, life went on as it should have. I raised my daughter to be independant, not needy and clingy. Still, it was excrutiating.

I fought my grief when my remaining child finished college and moved away, then married. Now, he is seven hours away.

I am divorced with no kids at home anymore. I have to lose all of this crappy weight. I’m going through perimenopause, and I’m on antidepressants.

WHAT ELSE do you have to throw at me, life? Come on!

I hate hearing people say, “Change is inevitible” or “Change is in the air.” I want to slap their faces when they glibly say these things.

I want some status quo time. A month or two without heartache or depression or CHANGE!



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