Major Depressive Disorder – Part 2

I see that the traffic on my blog has increased to around 250 hits per day. Could it be that others suffer from MDD as I?

I had three WONDERFUL days this week. I’m on Celexa and am two months on hormone replacement therapy now (about 2 months). Then, yesterday, I went downhill and continue falling today. I’m hoping it won’t be a MDD  “epidode” like I WAS getting every 4-6 weeks.

I have external reasons for feeling  blue this week, so it may just be regular old sadness.

I asked my boyfriend to move out. He’d been here for three years. That was tough.

Also, my son who just graduated from college and married his long-time love, is now moving many hours away from me for a job. I’m happy for him. It’s as great job. I’m still grieving his breaking away from “mama,” though.

I grieve a lot. I don’t just feel sad like other people. Normal people? Whatever the hell that is.

I have never been normal. From where I sit, normal means boring, being a follower of others’ rules of what is “right,” and not finding my own voice.

Nah, I’ll take abnormal any day. Who would you rather hang out with? – – – That’s what I thought.

So, I’ve cried again this afternoon, completely smudging my mascara. Crap.

I hope tomorrow brings an upward swing. I’m sick of feeling like an elephant’s ass.

Warning signs of serious depression>


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